Buy Chemistrie is the online retail website for Eyenavision, the owner of the patented Chemistrie magnetic lens layering system. Historically, Chemistrie sunlenses have only been available through independent optical retailers when purchasing new prescription glasses. Now, due to popular demand, you can send us your existing prescription glasses and we will fit them with our magnetic lens layering system, providing you options for sunlens, reader, computer or 3D layered lenses. In addition, Buy Chemistrie offers two new exciting Chemistrie products:
    • Our Noble Collection is a line of ready-made reading glasses which can be purchased with an optional sunlens layer. Our reading glasses are made in our local lab using prescription quality lenses that include anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings.
    • Our new sunglass collection is offered with a Chemistrie+ reader layer. You can now convert your sunglasses in to reading glasses. Our sunglasses are made with premium polarized polycarbonate lenses that are scratch resistant and include anti-reflective and flash mirror coatings.
    Whether you want to purchase reading glasses that can be used in the sun or sunglasses you can use to read, we have you covered. Both products are ideal for books on the beach, working from home on your porch, or countless other outdoor activities that were previously limited to wearing either sunglasses or readers. Located in Pittsburgh, PA, Eyenavision operates an optical lab that fabricates our Chemistrie products. Our lab employs skilled opticians and technicians, averaging over twenty years of optical experience! Retailers from around the country send us their most difficult eyewear jobs. We assure you our Chemistrie products are the highest quality. While other online websites never disclose who does their lens works, we have nothing to hide. Why? Because we know our team is the best. Whether looking to add a sunlens to your current prescription glasses, need new reading glasses or sunglasses, Buy Chemistrie is the website you can trust to deliver you premium eyewear products.
    Argon Reader
    Helium Burgundy Reader with Sun Layer
    Sunglass with Chemistrie+ Reader Layer